Koumalassi Espresso

Koumalassi Espresso

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Koumalassi Italian coffee reinterpreted. The Koumalassi is a single origin Chanephora Robusta coffee. The aromas are reminiscent of Italian coffee. Nevertheless, it differs not only in its green bean quality, but also in its light fruity sweetness, which is balanced with some spicy and chocolatey notes. Recommended for crema lovers and fans of Italian coffee.

Guinea Farm: Koumalassi

Origin: Koumalassi
Region: Macenta
Species: Canephora Robusta
Variety: wild Canephora 
Preparation: semi - washed 
Growing Altitude: 600 m.a.s.l.

Quote from the producer

Our Koumalassi coffee comes from a group of farmers from Sengbendou, a small region within Macanta. With its distinctive herbal and aromatic woods, Koumalassi is a great example of the natural semi-washed process we are pioneering at Macenta Beans. With this process we only partially remove the sweet fruity mucilage layer, preserving the unique flavors of the terroir. This coffee has a wonderfully creamy body, with hints of brown sugar and a slightly nutty finish.