Filter Coffee V60 Brewing

Our basic recipe
We pour 500 ml of water onto 30 g of freshly ground coffee beans. We pour in 500 ml of water completely within approx. 2 min 30 seconds so that the extraction is completely completed after approx. 3 min 30 seconds.
Step 1: Weigh the coffee beans
For 500 ml of water, we recommend using 30 g of coffee. This means that there is around 60 g of coffee for 1 liter of water.
Step 2: moisten the paper filter
Place the paper filter in the Hario V60 porcelain filter and moisten it with hot water so that the flavors in the paper are removed.
Step 3: Pour ground coffee into the filter
Grind the coffee beans just before brewing and put the ground coffee in the paper filter.
Step 4: moisten the coffee grounds
The ground coffee is moistened with hot water (92 - 94 ° Celsius). You should pour about twice as much water on the coffee as the weight of the powder (with 30 g of ground coffee, about 60 g of water).
Step 5: 30 seconds pre-brewing ("Blooming")
The process of pre-brewing is known in specialist circles as “blooming”. In the blooming phase, the ground coffee swells (“blossoms”). This causes carbon dioxide to escape from the coffee. The finished coffee will later taste softer and fuller. If the coffee does not swell, this is a sign that the coffee is no longer fresh.
Step 6: stir while blooming
To ensure that all of the coffee grounds are moistened during the blooming phase, you can gently stir the moist powder with a spoon.
Step 7: keep adding water
After the 30-second blooming phase, you need to add more water. It is best to always pour directly onto the coffee using a thin stream of water in slow circular movements. You should pour all of the coffee carefully and evenly. Please do not pour onto the filter walls, as this will cause water to pass the coffee powder without extracting coffee.
Step 8: stir again
When you have poured water up to about 2-3 cm below the edge of the filter, you have to stir gently again. Stirring prevents coffee from sticking to the edge.
Step 9: Pour more water regularly
The coffee-water solution is kept at the right level by regular topping up with slow, even circular movements. This process is repeated until the required amount of water (here: 500 ml) is reached.
Step 10: extraction finished
When you have poured 500 ml of water in 2 - 3 minutes, the coffee extraction should be finished. The remaining coffee grounds should look dry and the surface should be relatively flat.
Step 11: stir
Before drinking, stir the coffee briefly or swivel the coffee pot.
Step 12: Pour in and let it cool down.
Now you can pour your freshly prepared pour-over coffee. It is best to wait a little before you drink. Then the fine fruit acids come out better.