French Press Brewing

French Press Brewing

1. For the French Press, we recommend a medium grind, which is somewhat coarser than for preparation with the hand filter. When grinding, ensure a homogeneous grinding result - for this we recommend a coffee grinder with a cone or disc mill.

2. We recommend 65 grams of ground coffee per liter of water. It is best to preheat the glass jug with hot water and pour it out again. This way the water does not cool down as quickly and your coffee stays warm longer.

3. Wait about 30 seconds before using the water. This allows it to reach the optimum temperature of approx. 96 °C. Now start the brewing process by pouring the water quickly.

4. Stir the coffee after pouring so that the coffee powder is evenly distributed in the water and the coffee aromas can be optimally extracted. Then put the lid on and press it down slightly so that the coffee powder that has settled on the surface is pressed into the water. In this way, you ensure that the coffee powder is completely extracted.

5. The ideal preparation time is 4 minutes. Keep an eye on the time so that the coffee is not over-or under-extracted. Over-extracted coffee tastes bitter, under-extracted tastes thin and watery. After 3.5 minutes, stirring twice to remove the foam. Then press down on the portafilter. Be sure to press slowly and evenly so that the ground coffee has time to settle.

6. Pour and enjoy!