:Sebastian Ramirez Gesha

:Sebastian Ramirez Gesha

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Sebastian Ramirez

This coffee is outstanding. It develops during all temperature levels totally different Aromas. In front high fruitiness, sweetness and juicy acidity. We found floral hibiscus notes, tonic, lemongrass, jasmine, honeysuckle aroma, jelly bean, peach, prune, cranberry notes, citrus acidity and a juicy body.

Species: Arabica
Variaty: Gesha
Origin: Project El Placer
Region: Quindio
Preperation: White Honey
Altitude: 1750 m.ü.M.

Quote from the producer

The El Placer project began with Sebastian Ramirez who is the fourth generation of coffee growers in his family. His experience managing his family farm and working with coffee for more than fourteen years, allowed him to develop this project that began with his family farm and now includes farms of small coffee growers in Quindio and Hulia. Sebastian began learning the basics at the National Coffee School SENA in Quindio, and as he learned he experimented on his farm, mainly focusing on natural process coffees, developing different protocols that express very well the characteristic profile of each variety, in this case the Gesha, white honey.

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