Kiptebes AB Filter

Kiptebes AB Filter

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Kiptebes AB

This coffee has a smooth, medium body, a relaxed acidity and flavors of plum, black tea with high sweetness

Notes: Plum, Black Tea, Milk chocolate
Origin: Kiptebes
Region: Nandi County, Western Kenya
Cultivation height: 1750 m above sea level
Arabica variety: Batian, Ruiru11, K7
Harvest time: September to January
Processing: handpicked, completely washed, sun-dried on raised beds
Project donation: € 0.25 / kg of green coffee will be donated to the NGO Crossroads

The Producer

The cooperative was founded in 2016 by six determined farmers and has steadily gained motivated members. The Society operates a 2-disk Wet Mill, which is very scenic on the slope of the Nandi Hills. Small farmers deliver their crops here on foot from a distance of up to 10 km Pulps.