Aeropress Brewing

We recommend using 16 g of freshly ground coffee for one cup. Use a fine to medium grind, comparable to the grain oftable salt. This will give you an even extraction and the coffee will develop its full aroma.
Insert the paper filter into the filter insert and rinse it through with hot water so that the taste of the paper iswashed out. Push the plunger from below into the brewing cylinder until just below the marking 4 (maybe you know how to use it the other way around, but we find it easier).
We recommend using 200 ml of water for 16 g of coffee. The
ideal water temperature for the AeroPress is around 90 ° C. Tip: Leave your coffee water for a good minute after it has boiled if you cannot adjust the temperature.
Fill the AeroPress about three quarters of the way with water. Stir your coffee evenly so that the coffee grounds are well distributed in the water.
Pour in the rest of the water until the AeroPress is full.Wait half a minute and turn the filter with the paper filter inserted onto your AeroPress.
Quickly turn the AeroPress upside down and place it on a mug. Since there is a vacuum in the piston of the AeroPressthat bears the weight of the water, hardly any coffee willspill out when you turn the AeroPress upside down - this is completely normal.
Now press the plunger down slowly and evenly for about 30 seconds.
For those who like to experiment: if you fill the AeroPress up to the 2 mark and push it down, you will brew a strong, concentrated coffee. You can dilute it with water like an americano.
To dispose of the coffee grounds, unscrew the filter. Whenyou push the plunger through, the coffee falls out easily and all you have to do is rinse out the rubber seal. The AeroPress is then ready for use again - super practical.