Producer Co-operative: Sitio Serra Pelada

Just a few kilometers outside of the small town Petúnia in 1.250 m height, a coffee farmer called Jaci founded a cooperative and named it "Sitio Serra Pelada".

The Serra Pelada is a region in the area of Petúnia which is located near Guaxupe, one of Brazil's coffee-production centers, and can only be reached by an unpaved rough federal road. Jaci chose this place for his 8 hectare wide cooperative as coffee farms show a great potential for growing high quality beans. 

Characteristics of the Serra Pelada:

  • mountainous landscape - 950 - 1.300 m height 
  • smallholder structures
  • medium acid coffees with a full body, floral notes (grapes, dried fruits), caramel, nuts and chocolate


Our partner for importing green Sitio Serra Pelada beans is Germany based Petunia Coffee who offer consistent transparency for every step. Petunia Coffee imports sustainable, fair and preferably directly traded specialty coffees from small farms around Petúnia. They choose only Brazilian coffee highlights beyond 90 points of the Specialty Coffee Association.

What began in 2014 with a casual conversation is already a small movement now: Petúnia aspires to become the epitome of specialty coffees from Brazil. For a better quality in coffee, more ecology in cultivation and processing and most importantly a better life for coffee farmers. Because a decent payment for everyone leads to a living by coffee-farming.