Sitio Serra Pelada

Sitio Serra Pelada: owned by the Farmer Jaci is located about 9 km from the town of Petunia, a district of the municipality of Nova Resende, in the south of the state of Minas Gerais, about 70 km north-west of Guaxupe, one of the centers of Brazilian coffee production. The 3000 inhabitants of the village and the surrounding farms have been fighting for years for the asphalting of the still unpaved section of the federal road MG-446.

In the hilly region at 900 - 1300 meters above all family-run farms and small businesses are located, whose coffee plantations show great potential for quality. This includes the 8-hectare Sitio Serra Pelada, managed by Jaci. The site is located in the Serra Pelada, a micro-region in the Petunia region. The Serra Palada has the highest cultivation height in the entire district, up to 1,250m.

General characteristics of the region: mountainous landscape, 950 - 1300m; The region around Petunia is characterized by smallholder structures; medium acid coffees; full-bodied, full-bodied coffees; Floral notes and fruit notes (grapes, dried fruits) as well as caramel, nuts and chocolate dominate.



Import by Petunia Coffee


Quote from Petunia:

From the farmer to the roaster, consistently transparent Are you looking for a slightly different green coffee? Consistent? And really special? Then you are right with us. Welcome! Together with you, we want to bring sustainable, fair and preferably directly traded specialty coffees from small farms in and around Petúnia to the people. Green coffee with unique aromas that complete your roasting program. Just Brazilian coffee highlights beyond the 90 points of the Specialty Coffee Association.

But Petúnia means more to us than coffee and home - Petúnia is a mission. What began in 2014 with a casual conversation is already a small movement. Petúnia should become the epitome of special specialty coffees from Brazil. Together with the local coffee farmers. For better coffee quality.

For more ecology in cultivation and processing. For a decent payment for everyone who makes a living from coffee.