Kericho Women Filter

Kericho Women Filter

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Kericho Women in Coffee

This coffee has a smooth, medium body, a relaxed acidity and flavours of Blackcurrant, Lemon, with high sweetness 

Notes: Blackcurrant, Milk Chocolate, Lemon
Origin: Kericho Women Coffee
Region: Kericho County, West Kenya
Mountain Level: 1750 masl
Arabica variety: Batian, Ruiru11, K7, SL-28, SL-34
Harvest time: September to January
Processing: handpicked, fully washed, sun dried on raised beds
Project donation: € 0.25 / kg of green coffee will be donated to the NGO Crossroads
The Producer

The mission of the Kabngetuny Cooperative is to enable its members to produce high quality coffee that is international Standards. Part of this cooperative is the “Women in Coffee” project, a project led by Marion Ng'ang'a. As a trained agronomist, it helps empowering female coffee farmers to work their own fields.