Kabngetuny Farmers

The Kabngetuny Farmers Co-operative Society was registered on June 27, 1985 by the Ministry of Cooperative Development. The cooperative is located in Kericho County in the Rift Valley at an altitude of 2000 m above sea level, surrounded by the Nandi Hills and the Mau Forest, the largest indigenous forest in East Africa.

The mission of the Kabngetuny Cooperative is to enable its members to produce high quality coffee that meets
international standards. Part of this cooperative is the “Women in Coffee” project, a project led by Marion Ng'ang'a. As a trained agronomist, she helps female coffee farmers to enable them to cultivate their own fields.

The society has a wet mill - Slowly dried for 3 weeks until the moisture content
is 10-12%.


Kenya Kiptebes 

Kiptebes Farmers Co-operative Society is located in Nandi County in western Kenya. It consists of 100 male and 25 female small farmers, two of the farmers are handicapped.

The cooperative was founded in 2016 by six determined farmers and has steadily gained motivated members. The Society operates a 2-disk wet mill, which is very scenic on the slope of the Nandi Hills. Small farmers deliver their crops here on foot from a distance of up to 10 km to Pulp.

The mission of the Kiptebes Society is to enable its members to produce high quality specialty coffee and to market it directly at fair prices. Payment to the individual farmers is made immediately after receipt of the money. A percentage is deducted, with which the Society pays off the wet mill and finances new equipment.