:Araku Valley Omni roasted

:Araku Valley Omni roasted

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Araku Valley Omni roasted

Suitable for the season, we introduce you to a coffee that particularly impressed us with its great spring aromas.

The coffee goes through a natural processing to create an intensely sweet, balanced and clean coffee.

Notes: Milk Chocolate, Cherry, indian Herbs
Species: Arabica
Variety: SL-9, Sl-5, Sl-795
Origin Farm: SAMTFMACS cooperative
Region: Vishakhapatnam district
Process: Natural
Growing Altitude: 1400m

Quote from the Importeur

SAMTFMA Cooperative Society

Since 2021 we have been worked with SAMTFMACS cooperative, in Araku Valley, Vishakhapatnam district.

Small and Marginal Tribal Farmers Mutually Aided Cooperative Society was formed as an entity to allow farmers in the region of Araku Valley to take full control of crop production, harvest, processing, and sale. Members have been trained in technical aspects of coffee growing and processing as well as in cooperative society management, bookkeeping, and documentation.

“You shouldn’t give people fish, you should show them how to fish.” (Indian proverb)

This philosophy is behind our Araku coffee. The Naandi Foundation, one of India's largest NGOs, shows over 22,000 coffee producers how they produce the best specialty coffees.

The people live here in original tribes as small village communities exactly where the coffee grows. These are remote, rural regions at an altitude of 1400 m, right in nature. With the help of international agronomists, structures for biodynamic coffee cultivation were built. In this way they preserve their habitat and live in harmony with nature. They will be shown how to make their own compost and fertilizer. Everything that goes into nature here first comes from nature. Nature is understood here as a whole. In addition to coffee, they also use pepper, fruits and grains for their livelihood.

There are several key characters in each village. Some are multipliers and pass on the knowledge they have previously learned about coffee cultivation and harvesting. Others are chosen from the tribe's community to keep track of exactly which people have picked how many cherries during the harvest season. Everything is documented in the personal harvest notebook.

So that no one loses track of 22,000 producers and we at elbgold know exactly where the coffee comes from and where we generate an impact, everything is recorded digitally. Each lot receives a QR code and the producer, quantity and quality are stored in a digital database. This is considered a blueprint for working in a coffee cooperative.